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What steps and methods are there in sheet metal processing of chassis and cabinet
When sheet metal processing chassis cabinet, we all know that customers now have high requirements for chassis cabinet and strict requirements for appearance. In fact, this appearance is not only related to aesthetic issues, it also directly reflects the quality of products, but also has a great role in future use. It is self-evident that the appearance of chassis cabinet is important. In order to avoid the appearance affecting product quality, we must be careful in production. When there are problems in appearance, we must remedy them in time, or even eliminate them.
Cutting: There are various ways of cutting, mainly the following ways
Shears: Shears are used to cut simple pieces of strip material. They are mainly prepared for blanking forming of dies. The cost is low and the precision is less than 0.2, but they can only process strips or blocks without holes and corners.
(2) Punch: It is to use the punch to punch the sheet metal parts into various shapes in one or more steps. Its advantages are short time consuming, high efficiency, high accuracy, low cost, suitable for mass production, but die design is necessary.
(3) NC NC cutting, NC cutting, NC cutting first to write NC processing program, using programming software, will draw the development diagram into NC number broaching machine tool recognizable program, so that according to these programs, one by one, blanking flat parts of various structural shapes on the plate, but its structure is affected by the structure of the tool, low cost, accuracy is less than 0.15.
Laser cutting is to cut out the structural shape of the flat plate by laser cutting. Like NC cutting, it needs to write a laser program. It can cut the flat plate of various complex shapes with high cost and accuracy of 0.1.
Sawing Machine: Mainly used for aluminum profiles, square pipes, drawing pipes, round bars and so on. It has low cost and low precision.
Sheet metal processing cabinet cabinet should pay attention to: 1. The coating on the surface of the cabinet must be uniform, no hanging, exposed bottom phenomenon. 2. Marking should be complete, clear, durable and reliable. Marking serial number is indispensable. 3. Each panel of the cabinet should be flat, without distortion and distortion, and the openings on the cabinet door should be uniform and neat. 4. The size should meet the requirements, and the error should not be too large. Cabinet quality differences exist in different factors. Cabinet quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer due to different process, material selection and market demand. Cabinet quality varies greatly because of different levels of demand. Cabinet quality also reflects different types, but no matter how different, there are reasons. Sheet metal processing chassis cabinet quality is different, that level of products exist in the market, usually technicians in the selection of materials, not necessarily the price, it is only part of the reason, not all, for technicians, they are more concerned about whether the material itself is up to the standard, for the production of chassis cabinet, generally choose steel materials, this material because Special reasons may also be rust, when shopping materials, may not be able to check one by one, may be mixed with some defective raw materials in these production materials.

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